Saturday, August 3, 2013

Apple iOS VS Android Technology

There are two big Mobile Operating system in the world. The 1st is Apple iOS And the 2nd is Android. The both operating system have their own features, Advantages And disadvantages but it is true that the both are worth to operate. The Android Mobile Operating system is an open source. Many Private Companies Mobile are using Android as operating system. Apple iOS is only useable in iPhone, iPad, And iPod Touch.
The both are world best Mobile Operating system.

Today, We are here to analyze which is the best and why it is the best. Believe me or nor. this is very interested article for all Apple iOS Or Android Fans. it is worth to read carefully. I will explain "Apple iOS VS Android" by the 1 picture. This is why, this article is going to very interested.

As you can see the above picture clearly. The picture is revealing everythings. People are downloading apps from Google Play. The downloading stat of Android Apps is high expect Apple Apps but the revenue stat of Apple Apps is high expect Android apps. let me explain you the game.

Why there is different: 
There is well known app called "what'sapp". it is the world best messenger for messaging and voice chatting. In the you Android, we can download whatsapp for FREE for 1 year but in the apple store we have to pay $0.99 to download what'sapp. This is why Android Download stat is high & Apple revenue stat is High. Apple is generating 5 times more revenue than Android. And Android is generating 5 times more download than Apple.

According to the above stat. Nothing is the best but both are great mobile operating system in the world. Please keep up to date for more tweaks.
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