Saturday, July 20, 2013

iPhone 5 VS Galaxy S4 - The winner is

Today i decided to debate on iPhone 5 VS Galaxy S4. As we all know, The both iPhone 5 And Galaxy S4 are big brands in the world. Both the brands have own worth in the world market. The iPhone 5 have own features And Galaxy S4 have own features. Many people likes iPhone 5. Whereas, Many people likes Galaxy S4. This is due to unrevealed factors of iPhone 5 & Galaxy S4.

Both the iPhone 5 And Galaxy S4 generating millions revenue per month. Both the Phones are too expensive. Now You want to purchases one of them.? Let debate about it.

Price Deals:
As i already told you, The both iphone 5 And Samsung Galaxy S4 are expenses. There are thousands of price deal for both iPhone 5 & Galaxy S4. At the present, we can purchase iPhone 5 for $33 on contract base And we can purchase Samsung Galaxy for $32 on contract base.

You want to purchase iPhone 5  Or Samsung Galaxy Sim-FREE. here is the price deal.
Samsung Galaxy is too expensive if you want to purchase Sim-FRee And the iphone 5 is not expensive with sim-free deal. Here iPhone 5 is winner.

There are many other factors. I will discuss about them later. keep up to date with this blog. 
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