Friday, August 2, 2013

The iPhone 5C - My Personal Debate

Today, I am here to discuss about iPhone 5c. Maybe you are thinking, what does iPhone 5c mean.? Reall,?? Are you thinking about it.? if yes then let me tell you about iPhone 5c. Many people have knowledge about it because they are up to date with Technology.

Many Technology News sites are claiming that Apple is going to be released Budget iPhone. The Name of that Budget iPhone is iPhone 5c. It is very surprising News for all us. is it? Believe me or not. When i listen about it. I got happy. This step is going to be very beneficial for Apple incorporated And for all of us as well. The iPhone at cheap rate, it's amazing.

I think you are thinking about the word "C". what does it mean.? Why Apple Incorporated Add the "C" in iPhone 5?? What is the real scene behind "C". It's very interesting idea by Apple incorporated. I am very excited about the word "C". Believe me, I really don't know about the meaning of the word "C". Some people are saying that the meaning of word "C" could be cheap. Some people are assuming that the meaning of word "C" is Colour. It is the thought of many Apple Fans but it's not confirm. According to my point of view, The meaning of word "C" could be cheap. As i told you earlier in the article, The apple is going to be release Budget Smartphone. This is why, i assumed the word "C" meaning could be CHEAP.

The month September is going to reveal many hidden answer of Apple. The Month September is also going to reveal the meaning of "C". Wait & let see, what going to happened.

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